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Author of the following Books:


The Medicine Wheel for Step Parents

The Disaster Manual for Step Parents When Someone Has More Rights than Step Parents Have


So…You Are Tired of Being a Lameduck

A Disaster Manual for Attention Deficit Disorders and Attention Deficit Disorders with Hyperactivity


Neither Root Nor Branch

A Disaster Manual for Depression


Congratulations on becoming a step parent.  You will have many unexpected challenges.  Every parent does.  I know that you are anxious about how you will be accepted.  Even if you are never accepted as you would like, I am still happy for you that you and your spouse and your children and step children do not have to live life alone in these uncertain times.


How to Order Books:
My books are published on demand through:
Trafford Publishing
1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403

My books are soft cover.  Ebooks will eventually be available.



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